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Good People Day

Posted on: April 3, 2008

It is time that we take control of the fact that WE are the media and pump out a day tomorrow that will make NOISE across this WORLD!

~Gary Vaynerchuk

How does a small group of people make noise across the world?  It may seem like a mammoth of a job but if you think about it, a snowball effect could be created.  Once someone happens to stumble upon a blog that was inspired by Gary, they may be inspired to blog about or talk about a good person they know.  After a little while, many many people will be doing just what I believe Gary set out to do, acknowledge the good people in the world. 

I cannot even begin to narrow this down and pinpoint each good person I know, I feel that I know too many and could blog on for hours.  The good people in my life are here because I want them to be, not because they were there for the taking.  I used to be surrounded by some pretty “bad” people.  That led me to some pretty down times and problems, however once I was able to realize that with the help of the “good” people, I have been trying to surround myself with the good people!  I no longer hang on to the people who are not good, they do not do me any good and therefore I cannot be someone’s “good” person.

A couple of my “Good People” have been there for me through thick and thin.  They don’t even need to be specifically mentioned here because they know that they have done what good people do and what I needed at the time.  They might not even realize that they are my good people, but they are!  These people bring joy into my life and I look forward to spending time with them, the more negative people I tend to dread being with them in the dangers of getting sucked into their negativity. 

I want to be someone’s good person as well.  I know I can’t just become one over night and I’m not sure that I am not one; I just may not completely realize it.  People aren’t always told that they are a “Good Person” in someone’s life, sometimes they may never know until it’s too late.  Maybe telling a person that they are your good people isn’t the answer but sometimes it can be a good thing, it could brighten their day.

 My advice is to tell someone today that they are part of your “Good People” in your life.  If we all tell one person, we might make their day.  You never know until you try!  It’s always a good idea to put some good words out there to counter-balance the bad!


2 Responses to "Good People Day"

I totally agree we need to take the time to appreciate the good people in our lives instead of the bad people getting so much press time.
Thanks JT for being one of the good people in my life.


Thanks Wendi! You are an inspiration for me to be a good person! Thanks for being a good person in MY life!

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