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How Quickly Things Can Change

Posted on: May 7, 2008

Seasons change, feelings change
It’s been so long since I found you
Yet it seems like yesterday
Seasons change, people change.
Lyrics from the song “Seasons Change” by Expose’

How true is that portion of the chorus from the song?  Have you ever really sat down and thought about or contemplated how quickly things can and do change?  Have you ever not notice a change until after it has happened, even though you may have been dreading it?  Of course not all change is the same, sometimes it can be a very slow process, sometimes fast as lightning and you don’t know what happened.  Sometimes you as a person change without ever knowing it. 

It’s been a while since I did a post about a song lyric, which if you’ll recall is what I said I would probably normally do my posts on.  That obviously didn’t last too long, however I have not abandoned the idea altogether, it’s just been on hold while I get some other stuff posted.  While I love finding meanings in songs and their lyrics, I have also found that they are not all that inspires me.  Lots of things inspire me and they keep changing all the time!  Trust me there will be more posts on songs as I go, but I originally used that idea to launch my blog and thought it would be a good starting place, which it was.  Now I am more confident in “blogging” to write about random things that do not come from a song.  This is an improvement!

Now I will admit that some of the posts were done when emotions were running high and rampant.  Like all things, the feelings changed once I had a chance to look back on them and the event(s) that caused them.  It’s the knee-jerk reaction, sometimes things just happen without too much thought.  I am sure that most people have a story, or many of times when they have reacted without being able to think about what they were reacting to.  I’m sure you’ve been told before, but sometimes it really does help to think about what you are going to say and make sure you have all the facts before you act on your emotions.  I have a perfect example of this!

It was my wedding day, things had gone relatively smoothly, except for forgetting the marriage license at my mom’s house, but that was the extent of mishaps.  We were partying our way into the night when all of a sudden I saw a couple come in the door whom I did not recognize and upon seeing them I basically started to freak out that some random people were crashing my wedding reception!  Things were changing and not for the better as I was concerned.  I darted immediately for my mom to ask her if she recognized the people, having a little bit of forethought.  When she didn’t know them and was surprised that I didn’t know them, I told her I needed a couple of my cousins to remove some people for me.  I know full well that all I would have had to do was say the word and they would have removed any unwanted guests without flinching.  Lucky for the couple, at that point my brand new husband came over because i looked upset, when I explained what was going on and what I was doing about it, he kindly asked me to “call off the hounds” as he did know the couple and had told them they could stop by.  At this point I was probably more embarassed than anything, and I am sure it was awkward when he introduced us, as I felt like I had “I almost had my cousins kick you out” written on my face.  All in all it would have been much better if I had stopped to think and get the facts before I reacted.

That is only one story that I can think of right now off because I told that story this past weekend to some friends.  I know there have been other times when I have not reacted as I should have, especially when it involved a change to things.  We live in a world that changes more often than not and if we don’t accept that, you will not prosper in it.  It’s one thing to have things change when we are ready and/or expecting them to.  It’s a whole other game when things change and you are not ready for it or even remotely expecting it.  It can be a good idea to write when emotions are high as it could be a really good thing, but you also have to accept that it might be a really bad thing too.

Is it a good idea to be ready for change all the time?  Yes I think it is, but with how unpredictable things are, it’s not a good idea to force change.  When change is forced upon someone or a group of people,  you run the risk of it blowing up in your face.  I’ve seen this happen, it’s happened to me.  I believe that you need to be ready to accept change in the event that it happens, but also be willing to keep things the way they are if change doesn’t come.  Things happen for a reason and if something in your life needs to be changed, it will change and usually for the better.  It’s when you force change that things can have negative results.  It’s best to just let things happen on their own in their own time, you’ll realize that it happens without much help from you and usually whether you want it to or not.  Try to stay positive and the changes should be good!



2 Responses to "How Quickly Things Can Change"

ch-ch-ch-changes….yeah, forcing change can be disastrous and quite possibly randomness does lead to ‘goodness’ in that each event where you have to make a decision is a choice for you to make a positive or negative effect. Talk about synchronicity, I was just about to write about the topic of randomness when I noticed you had commented and were talking about randomness ha!


Well press on with the randomness post, it’s bound to be interesting! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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