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I’m Back!

Posted on: May 24, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, the blogger has returned, in more ways than one! 

Yes it’s true, I was gone but now I have returned!  My husband and I took a well deserved, believe me, vacation!  We went to Pagosa Springs Colorado and it was WONDERFUL!  We had a whole 8 days out of Illinois and got to see a lot of Colorado!  We flew into Denver, rented a vehicle and drove 5 and a half hours down to Pagosa Springs.  I was in awe of the mountains and on the drive down between my husband and me, we took over 100 pictures, mostly through the window!   I’ve seen mountains before but they were mostly the Smokey Mountains of the southeast, these mountains, the Rocky Mountains were unbelieveable.

While this post may be short, I am in no way short of inspiration.  This trip has given me several ideas to blog about.  I made sure I had a notepad with me at all times so that if an idea popped into my head I could at least write down the basic ideas that would keep the idea fresh!  So I may have been a tad short of ideas and inspiration before we left, but now it has been found!

I do apologize that it has been 2 weeks or more since my last post, but that is about to change!  After having caught up both at work and at home I have free time again!  I hope people stop by often!!

Thank you for your support in this new endeavor!


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