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Snow Covered Mountains

Posted on: May 24, 2008

As the popular Christmas/Winter song goes, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!  At least that is how I feel all through the winter months.  I absolutely LOVE snow and it is really hard for me to handle the holidays without it.  I really only as for 3 days to definitely have snow, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and My Birthday!  It’s not like I’m asking it to snow in August, my birthday is January 7th, and so it’s not an unreasonable request.  I will admit that I can become tired of all the snow, but it’s not usually until March arrives and Spring is trying to come out, this year was particularly strange as I was plenty sick of snow come March and it just wouldn’t quit.  It eventually warmed up and the weather has been pretty decent, a little chilly but not bad.  I was looking forward to the same kind of weather out in Colorado two weeks ago; however I was in for a shock to the system!


I was completely taken back by the fact that there was snow on the mountains when we started our journey from Denver to Pagosa Springs on May 10th, let alone how much there seemed to be and that there was more on them by the time we left which was a week later!  Around here we are used to the snow being pretty much a distant memory by the time April hits, however it was the middle of May and it looked like February does here!  Once the shock wore off of actually seeing snow, it was pretty cool to see and take pictures of, I must admit. 

While driving the 5 hours plus between locations it became more apparent that the snow on the mountain tops was not the only snow I was going to see on this trip.  I started seeing it along the roadside, where I am sure plows had piled it after a snow storm and it hadn’t completely melted yet.  The biggest shock came when as I was driving, we came across actual snow that was FALLING FROM THE SKY!  Granted it was only flurries but that was all I needed!  I was in such awe of this that I was actually laughing at the idea of driving through a snow storm in May!  It was quite the sight.  Now people had joked to me about driving through snow and/or blizzards, but I thought they were joking!  Unfortunately the joke was on me!

We heard on the news Monday night that a town we had driven through, Fairplay CO, was supposed to get 8 inches of snow on Wednesday or Thursday.  I was not as shocked as I had originally been but again it was one of those, I’ll believe it when I see it kind of things, I mean it’s the middle of May!  I learned pretty quickly during that week, that mid-May means pretty much nothing to Colorado as far as weather is concerned.  Twice we tried to get to some hiking trails that lead to some waterfalls and both times the roads to them were closed until May 31.  Due to the weather a lot of roads are closed beginning November 1 until the end of May, apparently we planned our vacation three weeks too early! 

Heading back up towards Denver the day we left, I am sad to say, that I now believe it because I saw it, indeed, Fairplay Colorado did have a snow storm throughout the week which left several inches after all was said and done.  I guess from now on I will do a little more research on vacation spots and their typical weather time tables!!  I can’t complain too much because we did get a hike in and while in our jeans and t-shirts would have been able to have a decent snowball fight!  You can’t say that about Chicago winters!!


6 Responses to "Snow Covered Mountains"

yeah, The coldest place I ever have been was Chicago that wind is brutal!

I visited Colorado last November and really enjoyed the view of the mountains, there is something satisfying about seeing them isn’t there?


Thanks for stopping by! I agree the wind can be brutal downtown, luckily I live about an hour north of the city so it’s not so bad!

I am seriously contemplating when we can make it back to do some more hiking! It is so beautiful there!

Being from down east, it amazes me how high the elevations are in Colorado. Denver alone is a mile high.

The snow really lasts in the moutains, even at lower elevations.

The Adirondacks in Upstate NY are only about 4000 feet high, but the snow dosen’t truly dissapear from the tops until late May (and starts again in September).

Makes for a short hiking season! (At least, comfortable hiking)


I definitely wish we could have done more hiking! We’ll just have to go back!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jenny that pictureis spectacular!
It sounds like your trip was amazing. I’m glad you had fun!

The trip was amazing! Definitely relaxing! Ready to hit things with full power now!!

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