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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Posted on: September 4, 2008

“I truly and sincerely believe if you laugh today it will make tomorrow better”
Garry Marshall @ the TVLand Awards -2008

I’ve been meaning to write this post since I wrote down the quote back in June I think; I just haven’t had the inspiration.  Today I took a lesson from Lance over at The Jungle of Life and turned off the television.  I wanted to see if I could get the creative juices flowing in a positive way and not over-stimulate them with the TV.  I also took Wendi’s advice over at LLI to just write and not wait for the inspiration.  We’ll see how it goes!

When I was watching the awards show on my DVR, I was fast forwarding through most of it unless something caught my attention.  What caught my attention was seeing Garry Marshall up there accepting an award for I believe Happy Days, but don’t quote me on that!  Anyway part of his speech was about laughter and how good it is for all of us.  I couldn’t agree more!  I really believe laughter is the best kind of medicine as it has a mystical kind of power to transform anyone out of a dreary and glum mood to a jovial and happy mood.  How much fun do you have when you listen to someone tell a funny story or joke?  I know I personally always have time for one! 

Laughter is completely contagious.  One of my favorite scenes in the movie Mary Poppins is when she and the Banks’ children go and visit Uncle Albert.  The thing about Uncle Albert is that when he laughs too much he ends up floating up to the ceiling of his house.  Of course as I said laughter is contagious so as soon as Bert and the children start laughing too much they also float up to the ceiling.  It leads to a great song called “I Love to Laugh!”  I truly do!  I like nothing more than having something strike me as funny and I will laugh until I cannot breathe. 

Laughing is a great stress reliever too.  How many times in a movie when things get too serious do people interject with a joke or something funny? Take Steel Magnolia’s for instance, after the Funeral when M’Lynn is upset and angry and crying about Shelby’s death, she says she is so mad she could just hit something so Clairee grabs Ouiser and says “Go ahead, take a whack at Ouiser!”  It is so absurd that M’Lynn can’t do it and starts to laugh as do the other women.  As Clairee said, “things were getting way too serious.”  Sometimes laughter is needed to break that barrier and release the tension.

One thing I will admit to everyone is that I am always a willing subject when it comes to making people laugh.  I laugh at almost anything!  A long time running joke at family dinners is to see how long it takes before I am laughing and on the verge of spitting my milk out.  My brother makes it his personal goal during the meal.  Once I get going laughing it doesn’t much matter what anyone says, I will laugh at a simple word like orange or something else that is completely random.  My one problem with my laughing so much and so hard is that when I reach a certain point I start to honk.  That’s right I sound like a goose when I laugh too hard for too long, aside from not being able to breathe well, that just makes me laugh harder! 

Sometimes laughter comes out at interesting times.  I remember back in eighth grade, we were practicing for the graduation ceremony and all we had to do was walk across the gym.  I walked across the gym and by the time I got to the other side; I couldn’t stop laughing even though my classmates were telling me to be quiet. When I told my mom about this, she said it was probably from nerves.  I have successfully figured out that a lot of times when I am extremely nervous I laugh.  It’s usually an uncontrollable laugh too.  It is almost like being on a high, sometimes when I come down; I come down hard and get sad.  Luckily it only lasts a little while. 

I LOVE TO LAUGH!  It strikes at the best of times and the worst of times.  When has the laughter bug struck you?  Tell me a funny story!  Let’s see how many times we can make each other laugh!

9 Responses to "Laughter is the Best Medicine"

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I like you last story…

The BEST laughter is the forbidden kind. When you’re not supposed to. When it’s inappropriate.

Like Mark Twain once said: Sacred cows make the best hamburger! 🙂

@Friar – It always seems funnier when you are not supposed to laugh doesn’t it?? Thanks for stopping by!

I laughed just picturing you with milk coming out of your nose!

I love to laugh too, Jenny! It just feels so good to have a really great laugh…

Just the other day, we were having dinner and joking around. I don’t even remember what I said, but my daughter spit milk right out on her plate – she couldn’t stop laughing. And then, of course, that was funny – so everyone else was laughing. A fun moment for everyone! And that’s the thing about laughter, it just makes you feel good.

Thanks for including me in this post – I really appreciate it!

We laugh every night at dinner. It’s innevitable. My husband starts it and my kids think he is the funniest person who ever walked and that’s that…and all she wrote…and they are off on a tangient,I never have any idea where it will end up. Some times my stomach hurts from all the laughing.

Friar- Did Mark Twain really say that? Oh that man…he was SO NOT politically correct….Can you imagine him today?

@Ibirish – Unfortunately my poor sister-in-law is the one who ends up with a milk bath!! Yet she always ends up across from me!

@Lance – You are welcome, as I said you partially inspired me to write it! Funny Story too! Milk can be evil!

@Wendi – Laughter at the dinner table always seems to be the worst doesn’t it? And it usually starts out so innocently!

Hi Jenny,

Laughter combats many ills, doesn’t it? I find it difficult to be around people without a sense of humor.

My friend and I used to play this game when I was a kid called make me laugh, and took turns making the other person laugh. We would literally play until someone peed their pants – I’m not kidding! I have never laughed so hard in my life as with my friend.

I miss that. Not the peeing the pants part though.

@Ellen – that sounds like an interesting game! It is good to laugh alot, I love laughing, it definitely is a stress reliever! Plus I use sarcasm alot and people who don’t have a sense of humor irritate me!

Thanks for stopping by!

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