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Posted on: October 9, 2008

“…you know I haven’t always been this way.
I’ve had my moments, days in the sun
Moments I was second to none
Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn’t do…
…Lookin’ at me now, you might not know it
But I’ve had my moments”
Lyrics from Emerson Drive’s song Moments

If you can make it through the video for this song and not get tears in your eyes, then you obviously do not get the meaning of it.  Being the music fan that I am, I have heard countless sappy songs that were heartfelt and brimming with emotion, there is definitely not a shortage.  This song however struck a major chord within me when I heard it the first time.  It pulled at all the emotional strings it could find and made me aware of so many things I don’t think I could even list them here.

To me, this song is about two people who are nothing alike and at the same time are exactly alike.  Both people may have had completely different lives but yet something joins them on an emotional level that so many people can’t even begin to understand.  In the song one person is about to end their life and a complete stranger steps in and convinces them not to.  That is the obvious message, but what about the age old adage of not judging a book by its cover?  Many times you see someone and you already have preconceived notions before you even speak to them.  Admit it; I know I have done it, several times in fact.  Unfortunately it’s a part of human nature.  You can look at a hundred different people and make judgments on them based on how they look or what they happen to be doing at the time, but you don’t have a clue as to who that person is and what they are all about. 

How many times have you been quick to judge someone based on something that is truly irrelevant only to find that the person was the complete opposite?  I can see how this could happen with people who are diagnosed with depression.  Part of what makes them depressed is the fact that they know they weren’t always this way; they used to have happy lives and things they looked forward to.  I’ve been there when I have said to myself, “this isn’t who I am, I am not like this, I used to be happy, what happened?”  How horrible a feeling it must be for someone to be judged by a complete stranger just because they are depressed.   You don’t know if the grumpy old man on the bus has just lost his wife of 50+ years, or if the young girl in the park was diagnosed with incurable cancer.  

Sometimes all it takes is a little compassion for these people and a kind word to let them know they are still valued and needed.  Don’t you want to feel valued?  Can you remember a time when you were unfairly judged by someone?  Did it make you mad because you knew that they didn’t know the whole story?  For those who deal with depression it hurts them when they know they haven’t always been that way, they have been award winners, moms, friends, or even popular.  Next time you see someone and are quick to make a judgment about them, stop and think, what made them this way, what’s their story?  You never know when a kind word will save a person.

12 Responses to "Moments"

you were right about that song….boohoo tears and all! Great message Jen…It fits with something I have been working- Better go finish it!

It’s sad but true; human nature is to make judgments. We can all try, however, to make judgments that are more positive and helpful rather than condemning and thoughtless. Keep spreading the positive!

Jenny, this is so true. We don’t, we can’t, know what has led up to someone coming across the way they do. It’s so easy to judge and be critical of others, and yet, we have no idea what it’s like to walk in their shoes. Thanks for the reminder that we shouldn’t judge others. That compassion should rule. That love is most important…

Truthfully, I do not know this song. However, I do know your words. They ring so true. Being depressed all the time, I can’t remember the before depression.
Possibly that was around age of three? Perhaps,the very gray, white, clear crystal of winter is why it is my favorite season. A way of God allowing me to find beauty even behind the veil of my disorder.
And, yes, judgements have always been there, even prior my diagnosis (by accident due an overdose). This life has been harsh and unforgiving, yet, there is beauty that even I grasp, hold onto and believe in.
Possibly, only one person has grasped my life and that is Wendi. She has been compassionate and caring and as non-judgemental. More than any other human in this life journey. Except for my grand-father and I do not think he saw my illness manifest. His love and complete devotion to me blinded him – in a good way.
Thank you, Jenny, for your whole entry. It in itself is compassion and love shining bright on my monitor screen.
Ms. O

@Wendi – You’ll have to show me when you finish whatever it is you were reminded of! I’m also glad you liked my message.

@Melissa – Making positive judgments would be a start! If everyone made just one, it could change so many things!

@Lance – Love is most important, if we only were able to remember that more often, before it was too late.

@Ms. O – I’m so glad you came back, and I’m honored that you would share with me. I understand the not remembering before part, I’m right there with you. As for Wendi, she is an extremely special lady with whom I am so grateful to be friends with.

All – thank you for stopping by and putting in such nice comments! I appreciate it!

Thank you for being a compassion champion and sharing this song.

@Stacey – There are just some songs that I think as many people as possible need to hear, or at least read about! Thanks for stopping by!

Well, just a short note. Probably not the place, but here goes anyway, Jenny. Someone stated they were having a bad holiday time and it seemed worse this year. Being empathic, I send her written hugs and
happy thoughts. This morn, she wrote that she did not need me sending these things.
I feel sorta “kicked in the teeth”. When someone tries in an honest caring way to cheer you (any of you and me too) up.. . if you do not appreciate the gesture, please do not tell them so on an AOL board.
Stay quiet, stay silent and do not acknowledge.
In Bambi there is the line I love. . .
“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
OK, now I have done my whine, off to send positive energy where it will be appreciated.
Ms. O

Having a problem getting your new entries?
I keep getting Moments as that is what I have your blog saved.
Any hints on being able to access the new blogs as they are completed?
Ms. O
Lost in Cyber Space

Got the confirmation. Am back to receive as entries are posted.
Thanks, Jenny for a great blog.
Ms. O

Hi Jenny,

You know what—the way you derive thoughts & wisdom from a simple song is awesome! I love the way you do it.

Whether it’s “say” or “don’t laugh at me” or the recent ones “remember me” —it’s quite unique.

You’re the among the few bloggers, I read frequently but sorry I can’t always put comments.

But thanks for your ideas.

Keep rocking.

Roy – Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you have subscribed so you get the new material when I put it up! Your kind words have made an impact on me and I only hope I can keep doing them justice!

Thank you for stopping by!

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