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A Short Story

Posted on: November 10, 2008

Once in a while a friend and I will zip off an e-mail to the other saying, “I’m bored. Tell me a story!”  Well this happened on Friday and here is an updated version of what I sent to him!

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl, better yet a man and a woman. They were walking along a dark highway after their car had broken down.  After walking for what seemed like hours, they finally found a small house with a light on.  They went and knocked on the door and heard someone say “come in” very quietly.  They opened the door and found a feast on the table and a fire in the fireplace.  They heard someone say “help yourself,” again very quietly.  They hurriedly sat down and ate every last bite there was and then sat by the fireplace on a big comfy couch.  Cuddling up to the man, again they heard “sleep well, I’ll leave you be.”  After a few minutes they both drifted into a deep sleep.

 Sunshine beaming through the window woke the woman and she bolted up and looked around.  Nothing had changed except there was a delicious looking breakfast on the table.  They sat and ate and soon heard a honk outside.  It was a tow truck with their car attached to it.  They finished eating and looked around but could find no one to Thank.  They went out and got in the tow truck and were driven to the mechanic.  Once the battery was replaced they went to the corner shop and bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a thank you card to which they both signed their names.  As they went driving down the road they had walked the previous night, they were having trouble remembering where the house was.  They spent two hours looking for the house only to go back to the mechanic and ask for directions since he picked them up.   

“There hasn’t been a house there in years, it burned down years ago.  It used to be a bed and breakfast run by a sweet old Lady!”  When I honked the horn you were laying on some cardboard asleep.”  The man and woman turned to each other with a look of disbelief. “If you want proof, look for mile marker 13, it used to be right there, you have to look a bit, but you’ll find a makeshift memorial about 10 feet from where you slept!”

They thanked the mechanic and hurriedly drove down the road; they found the mile marker and got out. Sure enough as he had said, they found where they had been sleeping and the memorial.  Apparently the lady had died in the fire, her name was Emma.  They wrote her name on the card, knowing for sure it was her they had come across, laid it and the flowers by the memorial it was getting dark and they walked slowly back to the car. The woman turned as she was about to get into the car and quietly said, “Thank you for your kindness!”  As they pulled out, still trying to wrap their heads around what had taken place the last 24 hours, the woman turned around one last time and gasped as she again saw the house with the light on and in the front window was the flowers in a vase and the card propped up next to it.  She turned around with a smile, grabbed the man’s hand and they drove home.


14 Responses to "A Short Story"

do do do do do do do do


That was a really nice story. Thank you for sharing it with us today.


@Irish – have to admit, maybe it’s the blonde hair but it took me a few to figure out what your comment meant! thanks!

@Brett – Thanks! This was kind of easy, maybe I’ll try it once in a while!

LOL! I actually got goosebumps reading this! 🙂

Oh, Jenny,
Such a mystical, magical story.
Thanks, I sure needed it this evening.
Ms. O
Hotel Agatha
The Between and Beyond

I’m with Steph on this one – I had goosebumps too. A very nice story Jenny!

It took me a moment to get the do-do-dos too. Great engaging story to read on this dark cold evening.

What? I forgot to leave a message the first time? I must have read it in my feed reader.

I liked the story a lot Jenny, and as someone who has read your stories before, this one is really good, you have come a long way and you should write more of them!

@Steph – Thanks for stopping by! It’s nice to know I can cause goosebumps!

Ms. O – I’m happy I could bring some entertainment to you!

Lance – Thanks!

Stacey – I completely understand!

Wendi – Thank you so much! It means alot to hear (or see) you say that! I had fun writing that!

I had the privelege to be the one to receive this story from Jenny first. I’m glad she listened to my encouraging words to post the story. See Jenny, everyone love it and of course I did too! I look forward to your next story. Happy writing!

@Erick – Thanks! Now I suppose I should work on another! Just in case you get bored at work again!!

Thank you for this truly beautiful story.
You are a gifted storyteller that the world would love to hear from. Would you write and publish a collection, and then another?

Blessings and thank you, again.


@Angela – thank you for stopping by, and thank you for your kind words. It is always ncie to hear one is gifted. If I knew how and thought someone would, I’d try to get published! Stop by often!

Jenny, I will!

First thing, which I’m sure you’re already doing, is to keep all your stories together.

The easiest way to get published now, without the hassle of keeping your own website and setting up the sales is to sell via Lulu.com

Free to set up an account. Once you have a collection of 15-20 you want in the first collection, let me know and I can refer you to my graphic artist if you don’t know anyone. He’ll do up a great cover design for your first book of stories, 1st collection.

Then you upload/send Lulu your manuscript of stories with art work. They’ll put it up for you on your account and it will be listed under the relevant categories. It’s a popular site so you’ll get sales from their traffic. But you can also put the book cover here on your blog and link it to your Lulu page so visitors can buy it from you there.

Lulu charges a nominal amount and if your purchaser prefers a 3-D book, rather than an ebook, they handle printing and shipping…

Set up a free account with Lulu from now and you can become familiar with all their author services while you put the stories for your first collection together.

When you’re ready, you can also sell the ebook version on Amazon… And by the time you have published one or two or three collections, maybe a traditional publisher will publish, if you want to do that too.

There are soooo many ways to get published now, it is EXCITING!

Also, when you want to, you can also sell from your own website, using PayPal as online processor.

Blessings and when you’re done, let me know and I’ll blog your book…

You’re going to LOVE being published! And your story collections will be very popular.



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