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Still No Title…But Here’s More!

Posted on: May 22, 2009

Here is a continuation from the last post, sorry it took so long!  Still working on a title though!

Jenna woke up in a very unfamiliar place and panicked.  Grant quickly grabbed her hand to calm her down while Jason gently held her shoulders down.  Jenna, with a wild look on her face, snatched her hand back and with little effort was able to push Jason across the room and against the wall.  He was not a small man by any means, but it looked as if he had momentarily become a ragdoll when she pushed him.  She also began to shake violently and started muttering unintelligible things.  She started to try and get up to go after Jason.

 “Jenna STOP!” Grant exclaimed as he grabbed her face and turned it towards him.  Immediately her face changed and she uttered his name then began to cry.  He held onto and comforted her as he repeatedly told her it was ok.  Jason hadn’t been hurt, more shocked than anything.  He sat on the other side of her and held her free hand.  After a few minutes she calmed down and sat back against the chair she was in. 

 They asked her what she remembered, “I remember being on top of the building and getting ready to test out if it was true that people felt a presence and the urge to jump.  The next thing I remember is seeing Derrick covered in blood… Oh my god, what happened?”  Jenna asked.  They filled her in on what had taken place and that she had been released from the hospital and Dave and Derrick brought her back to the hotel to rest because Derrick had a feeling that something was wrong that conventional medicine couldn’t fix.  She wasn’t sure how they talked anyone in to letting her leave while unconscious.

 “You weren’t exactly unconscious!”  Derrick commented as he walked into the room.  He came over and they hugged each other tightly.  “You were conscious, but I don’t believe it was really you.”

 He said that she had regained consciousness in the hospital, but wasn’t acting like herself, however did manage to get released.  The doctor talked Dave into taking him some tranquilizers in case she became agitated later on.  In the car on the way to the hotel she started talking a lot of nonsense and started getting violent so under great protest Dave injected one of the tranquilizers.  He did mention that she was able to fight off Dave for a while, which would have been hard to believe if she hadn’t seen what happened with Jason a few moments earlier.  Grant and Jason filled Derrick in on what had happened before he arrived.  Jenna just sat there with a look of shock on her face, she had no idea how she could have fought off Dave, or better yet, push Jason across the room.  It was unbelievable to her and she kept asking why, no one had an answer for her.

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