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I apologize up front for how rambled this post may seem, but it is called Random Ramblings for a reason and tonight has been eventful to say the least.  For the most part my day had been quiet, mostly uneventful and full of channel surfing from one movie to another, usually before the good parts were past!  However it all started when my husband called and asked if I’d like to go out with him and his friend Scott.  I wasn’t sure, because I was quite content to sit at home and watch TV and possibly write a post for here!  I never imagined the post would be inspired by the events that took place in the last half hour. 

John and Scott who have been best friends since high school were at John’s work, a bowling alley and Scott had been drinking.  They wanted to go to a bar after John was done, so I agreed to at least drive them where they wanted to go.  When I got there John told me that Scott had been drinking since about noon and was in no shape to drive, which is why I was going to drop them off at a bar near home so they could walk home.  We were getting ready to leave and Scott said “I’ll meet you there!” and John told him that we could all go together in my truck.  Scott kept saying he’d meet us there.  John had to lock up so I told John I’d get him in my truck.  I walked outside and said, “If you get in your car and drive, I’m calling!” and Scott stopped, looked at me and I got in my truck.  He stood there a minute and then continued walking to his car, which was ok because the car had been running, so he at least had to turn it off if he was coming with us.  John came out and I told him what I had said, he was ok with it and said he wouldn’t stop me, not that he could have. 

When Scott’s car moved I told John to go talk to him.  John did and got back in my truck and told me Scott was driving.  I immediately dialed 911.  I told the dispatcher what was going on and as I did, Scott pulled around me and left the parking lot.  I got a late start following him while talking on the phone, and eventually a cop ended up behind me, I let him pass and followed while trying to give directions to a third party, that is not easy when the cop goes the wrong direction!  Eventually I got to Scott’s apartment where I thought and hoped he had gone, his car wasn’t there.  Then Scott calls John and tells him he’s at the bar we were going to go to.  I got out and told the cop where he was, the cop said they’d call me if they needed anything else.  I got back in the car and John wanted to go see Scott, I wasn’t completely for it but dropped him off anyway.  As John got out the cop called me back and I told him exactly where Scott was. He had a few more questions for me and then said he’d go in and talk to Scott to let him know they’d be watching his car and if it left, he’d get nailed.  I found it slightly amusing when I drove around to the other side of the bar and saw the cop I’d been talking to, I waved as I drove by and left, dying to come home and write this!

So I’ve been literally shaking for the last 45 minutes, almost hour now and am kind of proud of myself for doing the right thing!  I’ve always thought about saying that to people when I knew they shouldn’t be driving, I’ve just never had the courage.  I’ve always worried about the backlash from saying it, let alone if I ever really had to do it.  I wasn’t so worried tonight, I don’t know why, maybe I really thought he’d get in my car, maybe I’ve just broken out of one of my shells.  Either way, I am glad I stood my ground, even if Scott hates me for it.  John and I know what hell a DUI can put people in, he had one 2 years ago and it was his second.  It’s not a fun thing and Scott wouldn’t have the support system John and I did to deal with it. 

Now that I have done the right thing, it is making me think at a pretty rapid pace.  It is weird how sometimes there is such a high price for doing what is right.  Like right now Scott is furious with me, which I half expected, which makes what I did even more unbelievable, but I am hoping that once he calms down and sobers up that he will understand why I did it.  Not just for his safety but all the people he could have hurt in the process.  It really sucks how people get mad at you for doing what is right, when it doesn’t benefit them.  What I am glad about though is that I did have John’s support in calling, I don’t know what I would have done if he had tried talking me out of it, but he didn’t.  Now the one thing I don’t want is to be thought of as a tattle-tale.  That is not why I called, I was genuinely concerned about the impact Scott’s driving could have on any number of people, I was really glad that John didn’t get into his car with him.  This doesn’t mean that every time I am with friends and they have had a drink or two that I will call the cops on them, but I do hope they realize that if I say I am going to, I will.

I hope this ramble wasn’t too outrageous, I just had an inspiration to type and took it.  One thing I have learned is that from now on, doing the right thing will be easier adn I won’t be so concerned on the after effects, they will be what they will.  I do know that this experience tonight has made me stronger, even if only a little bit!


Once in a while a friend and I will zip off an e-mail to the other saying, “I’m bored. Tell me a story!”  Well this happened on Friday and here is an updated version of what I sent to him!

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl, better yet a man and a woman. They were walking along a dark highway after their car had broken down.  After walking for what seemed like hours, they finally found a small house with a light on.  They went and knocked on the door and heard someone say “come in” very quietly.  They opened the door and found a feast on the table and a fire in the fireplace.  They heard someone say “help yourself,” again very quietly.  They hurriedly sat down and ate every last bite there was and then sat by the fireplace on a big comfy couch.  Cuddling up to the man, again they heard “sleep well, I’ll leave you be.”  After a few minutes they both drifted into a deep sleep.

 Sunshine beaming through the window woke the woman and she bolted up and looked around.  Nothing had changed except there was a delicious looking breakfast on the table.  They sat and ate and soon heard a honk outside.  It was a tow truck with their car attached to it.  They finished eating and looked around but could find no one to Thank.  They went out and got in the tow truck and were driven to the mechanic.  Once the battery was replaced they went to the corner shop and bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a thank you card to which they both signed their names.  As they went driving down the road they had walked the previous night, they were having trouble remembering where the house was.  They spent two hours looking for the house only to go back to the mechanic and ask for directions since he picked them up.   

“There hasn’t been a house there in years, it burned down years ago.  It used to be a bed and breakfast run by a sweet old Lady!”  When I honked the horn you were laying on some cardboard asleep.”  The man and woman turned to each other with a look of disbelief. “If you want proof, look for mile marker 13, it used to be right there, you have to look a bit, but you’ll find a makeshift memorial about 10 feet from where you slept!”

They thanked the mechanic and hurriedly drove down the road; they found the mile marker and got out. Sure enough as he had said, they found where they had been sleeping and the memorial.  Apparently the lady had died in the fire, her name was Emma.  They wrote her name on the card, knowing for sure it was her they had come across, laid it and the flowers by the memorial it was getting dark and they walked slowly back to the car. The woman turned as she was about to get into the car and quietly said, “Thank you for your kindness!”  As they pulled out, still trying to wrap their heads around what had taken place the last 24 hours, the woman turned around one last time and gasped as she again saw the house with the light on and in the front window was the flowers in a vase and the card propped up next to it.  She turned around with a smile, grabbed the man’s hand and they drove home.


“You’ll find better love
Strong as it ever was
Deep as the river runs
Warm as the morning sun
But please remember me.”

Lyrics from Tim McGraw’s song Please Remember Me

Is it so much for one person to ask that he or she has made such an impact on people’s lives to not be forgotten?  Is it?  I obviously don’t think it is too much to ask, but how often does it happen.  How often do we take things for granted and not tell people how much they mean to us?  How often do people not get told what they mean to others and never find out?   Why do people wait until it’s too late to do things?  I’ve said numerous times that life is short, it’s inevitable that people will be on this earth for too short a time, however what about those people whom are forgotten about.  What about them?

All most people want is a simple acknowledgement that they exist to the outside world.  It’s not too much to ask, yet it sometimes feels as though people these days barely have time for themselves, let alone their friends and loved ones.  It not selfishness that is causing it, its just life these days, however it needs to be remembered that everyone counts, all the time.  It is immensely helpful when those of us around can take note of things that are going on and see when things may not be going well for someone.  These days it seems easier and easier to feel invisible, especially for me.  People go on about their busy lives and time just keeps slipping away. 

“Remember me when you’re out walking.
When snow falls high outside your door.
Late at night when you’re not sleeping,
And moonlight falls across your floor…
And I can’t hurt you anymore.”

I can only hope that I have touched people’s lives in a way that if I was gone, they wouldn’t forget about me.  A friend once said to me, and I’m not sure they meant it in a bad way or to be hurtful, but they said “If you were gone, we’d be sad for a while, but we’d get over it and on with our lives.”  I know people don’t say things to hurt me, but I can tell you that the one comment cut way down deep inside my soul.  If I were to leave this world today, I don’t know what people would remember, or if they would just forget about me.  Would I leave any kind of lasting impression?  I only hope that somehow, in some way I have done something to get one little memory to stick out in the memories of people I have come in contact with.

Where do you go from here
This can’t last a whole year
I don’t know what to do
The feeling isn’t at all new
I’m no where near being old
I can’t feel the harsh cold
What if I was to be gone
What would be my song
I can’t tell how I hate the feeling
I wish I could start the healing
How I so need my friends
Before someone says, The End.


Posted on: October 9, 2008

“…you know I haven’t always been this way.
I’ve had my moments, days in the sun
Moments I was second to none
Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn’t do…
…Lookin’ at me now, you might not know it
But I’ve had my moments”
Lyrics from Emerson Drive’s song Moments

If you can make it through the video for this song and not get tears in your eyes, then you obviously do not get the meaning of it.  Being the music fan that I am, I have heard countless sappy songs that were heartfelt and brimming with emotion, there is definitely not a shortage.  This song however struck a major chord within me when I heard it the first time.  It pulled at all the emotional strings it could find and made me aware of so many things I don’t think I could even list them here.

To me, this song is about two people who are nothing alike and at the same time are exactly alike.  Both people may have had completely different lives but yet something joins them on an emotional level that so many people can’t even begin to understand.  In the song one person is about to end their life and a complete stranger steps in and convinces them not to.  That is the obvious message, but what about the age old adage of not judging a book by its cover?  Many times you see someone and you already have preconceived notions before you even speak to them.  Admit it; I know I have done it, several times in fact.  Unfortunately it’s a part of human nature.  You can look at a hundred different people and make judgments on them based on how they look or what they happen to be doing at the time, but you don’t have a clue as to who that person is and what they are all about. 

How many times have you been quick to judge someone based on something that is truly irrelevant only to find that the person was the complete opposite?  I can see how this could happen with people who are diagnosed with depression.  Part of what makes them depressed is the fact that they know they weren’t always this way; they used to have happy lives and things they looked forward to.  I’ve been there when I have said to myself, “this isn’t who I am, I am not like this, I used to be happy, what happened?”  How horrible a feeling it must be for someone to be judged by a complete stranger just because they are depressed.   You don’t know if the grumpy old man on the bus has just lost his wife of 50+ years, or if the young girl in the park was diagnosed with incurable cancer.  

Sometimes all it takes is a little compassion for these people and a kind word to let them know they are still valued and needed.  Don’t you want to feel valued?  Can you remember a time when you were unfairly judged by someone?  Did it make you mad because you knew that they didn’t know the whole story?  For those who deal with depression it hurts them when they know they haven’t always been that way, they have been award winners, moms, friends, or even popular.  Next time you see someone and are quick to make a judgment about them, stop and think, what made them this way, what’s their story?  You never know when a kind word will save a person.

Hello Everyone!

I am sooooooo sorry that I have been MIA for a while. I recently got elected to the Board of Directors for my theater group The Kirk Players and have been trying to get a few things taken care of.  Don’t worry I have a couple of great ideas for posts I just needed time to get other stuff done.  I promise there will be a new one this week!!

Thanks for hanging out and commenting!

Don’t laugh at me
Don’t call me names
Don’t get your pleasure from my pain
In God’s eyes we’re all the same
Someday we’ll all have perfect wings
Don’t laugh at me
Lyrics from “Don’t Laugh at Mesung by Mark Wills

How cruel can laughter be?  How many times have you laughed at something you knew was wrong?  Were you ever the geek with glasses or braces?  The fat, short or tall kid?  Have you ever been laughed at when you didn’t like it?  This song is a very powerful message on how people feel when they are laughed at for not being “normal” like other people.  Even though we can’t really say what “normal” is?  When this song came out it spoke to me because I have been on both ends of that laughter. 

I have been the kid who was fat, had braces, glasses and was taller than most of the class.  Let me tell you from experience that it is not fun to be laughed at because of something you have no control over!  Is it my fault that I had bad eyes or teeth?  Of course not, but that doesn’t mean the kids in my classes cared about that, they looked at my faults as weaknesses and played on them.  Let me tell you that this kind of teasing does so much to a little girl’s self-esteem that it’s not even funny.  How fair is it that a girl who is in second grade gets ridiculed for having “four eyes” instead of two  I absolutely hated my glasses for this reason and couldn’t wait to get rid of them.  Unfortunately it took until High School until I could get contacts, yes I still need the visual help but people don’t see the glasses first anymore.  These days glasses are much more of a fashion statement than they used to be, but due to the teasing I received I still hate wearing them!

I have also, I hate to admit, have been on the opposite end of the laughing as a laugher.  Back when I was younger I figured it was only fair that I should get to laugh at people because I had been laughed at.  I have memories of laughing at kids because of their weakness.  Some of it was partially due to peer pressure, everyone else was laughing and not laughing gave cause for you to be laughed at also.  No one wanted that so I gave in.  Now I know it’s wrong and I try to really think about things like that when I see other kids laughing at a classmate.  I make the choice not to laugh because the poor kid could just be an unlucky target and deep down is a truly awesome person.

I’m fat, I’m thin, I’m short, I’m tall
I’m deaf, I’m blind, hey, aren’t we all

As adults we sometimes revert back to the old ways of our youth and find a weakness in someone to laugh at.  I think it happens because we are insecure about ourselves and need to find something that tells us we are better than someone or a group of people.  A nice stroke to the ego always helps doesn’t it?  I’m here to tell you this line from the song says it all… don’t we all have what we feel is a short coming?  Don’t you wish you could lose a few pounds, wish you were taller or shorter etc.  Aren’t we really all just the same?  We are all part of the human race no matter if you are black, white, Russian or Asian.  It doesn’t matter!  People all over the world have the exact same problems and difficulties that you do.  No one is truly better than anyone else for at any moment what you think you have that is so much better can disappear in an instant.

I think it’s time we stop acting like children and when someone seems to be weaker than us, we need to step back and really take the time to look past whatever it is and see the greater truth.  Don’t you think all the people who laughed at Bill Gates as a child are kicking themselves now??  I know it’s a good idea to “think before you speak” but maybe “thinking before you act” is a good idea too!  Think on that!

“I truly and sincerely believe if you laugh today it will make tomorrow better”
Garry Marshall @ the TVLand Awards -2008

I’ve been meaning to write this post since I wrote down the quote back in June I think; I just haven’t had the inspiration.  Today I took a lesson from Lance over at The Jungle of Life and turned off the television.  I wanted to see if I could get the creative juices flowing in a positive way and not over-stimulate them with the TV.  I also took Wendi’s advice over at LLI to just write and not wait for the inspiration.  We’ll see how it goes!

When I was watching the awards show on my DVR, I was fast forwarding through most of it unless something caught my attention.  What caught my attention was seeing Garry Marshall up there accepting an award for I believe Happy Days, but don’t quote me on that!  Anyway part of his speech was about laughter and how good it is for all of us.  I couldn’t agree more!  I really believe laughter is the best kind of medicine as it has a mystical kind of power to transform anyone out of a dreary and glum mood to a jovial and happy mood.  How much fun do you have when you listen to someone tell a funny story or joke?  I know I personally always have time for one! 

Laughter is completely contagious.  One of my favorite scenes in the movie Mary Poppins is when she and the Banks’ children go and visit Uncle Albert.  The thing about Uncle Albert is that when he laughs too much he ends up floating up to the ceiling of his house.  Of course as I said laughter is contagious so as soon as Bert and the children start laughing too much they also float up to the ceiling.  It leads to a great song called “I Love to Laugh!”  I truly do!  I like nothing more than having something strike me as funny and I will laugh until I cannot breathe. 

Laughing is a great stress reliever too.  How many times in a movie when things get too serious do people interject with a joke or something funny? Take Steel Magnolia’s for instance, after the Funeral when M’Lynn is upset and angry and crying about Shelby’s death, she says she is so mad she could just hit something so Clairee grabs Ouiser and says “Go ahead, take a whack at Ouiser!”  It is so absurd that M’Lynn can’t do it and starts to laugh as do the other women.  As Clairee said, “things were getting way too serious.”  Sometimes laughter is needed to break that barrier and release the tension.

One thing I will admit to everyone is that I am always a willing subject when it comes to making people laugh.  I laugh at almost anything!  A long time running joke at family dinners is to see how long it takes before I am laughing and on the verge of spitting my milk out.  My brother makes it his personal goal during the meal.  Once I get going laughing it doesn’t much matter what anyone says, I will laugh at a simple word like orange or something else that is completely random.  My one problem with my laughing so much and so hard is that when I reach a certain point I start to honk.  That’s right I sound like a goose when I laugh too hard for too long, aside from not being able to breathe well, that just makes me laugh harder! 

Sometimes laughter comes out at interesting times.  I remember back in eighth grade, we were practicing for the graduation ceremony and all we had to do was walk across the gym.  I walked across the gym and by the time I got to the other side; I couldn’t stop laughing even though my classmates were telling me to be quiet. When I told my mom about this, she said it was probably from nerves.  I have successfully figured out that a lot of times when I am extremely nervous I laugh.  It’s usually an uncontrollable laugh too.  It is almost like being on a high, sometimes when I come down; I come down hard and get sad.  Luckily it only lasts a little while. 

I LOVE TO LAUGH!  It strikes at the best of times and the worst of times.  When has the laughter bug struck you?  Tell me a funny story!  Let’s see how many times we can make each other laugh!

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