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I apologize up front for how rambled this post may seem, but it is called Random Ramblings for a reason and tonight has been eventful to say the least.  For the most part my day had been quiet, mostly uneventful and full of channel surfing from one movie to another, usually before the good parts were past!  However it all started when my husband called and asked if I’d like to go out with him and his friend Scott.  I wasn’t sure, because I was quite content to sit at home and watch TV and possibly write a post for here!  I never imagined the post would be inspired by the events that took place in the last half hour. 

John and Scott who have been best friends since high school were at John’s work, a bowling alley and Scott had been drinking.  They wanted to go to a bar after John was done, so I agreed to at least drive them where they wanted to go.  When I got there John told me that Scott had been drinking since about noon and was in no shape to drive, which is why I was going to drop them off at a bar near home so they could walk home.  We were getting ready to leave and Scott said “I’ll meet you there!” and John told him that we could all go together in my truck.  Scott kept saying he’d meet us there.  John had to lock up so I told John I’d get him in my truck.  I walked outside and said, “If you get in your car and drive, I’m calling!” and Scott stopped, looked at me and I got in my truck.  He stood there a minute and then continued walking to his car, which was ok because the car had been running, so he at least had to turn it off if he was coming with us.  John came out and I told him what I had said, he was ok with it and said he wouldn’t stop me, not that he could have. 

When Scott’s car moved I told John to go talk to him.  John did and got back in my truck and told me Scott was driving.  I immediately dialed 911.  I told the dispatcher what was going on and as I did, Scott pulled around me and left the parking lot.  I got a late start following him while talking on the phone, and eventually a cop ended up behind me, I let him pass and followed while trying to give directions to a third party, that is not easy when the cop goes the wrong direction!  Eventually I got to Scott’s apartment where I thought and hoped he had gone, his car wasn’t there.  Then Scott calls John and tells him he’s at the bar we were going to go to.  I got out and told the cop where he was, the cop said they’d call me if they needed anything else.  I got back in the car and John wanted to go see Scott, I wasn’t completely for it but dropped him off anyway.  As John got out the cop called me back and I told him exactly where Scott was. He had a few more questions for me and then said he’d go in and talk to Scott to let him know they’d be watching his car and if it left, he’d get nailed.  I found it slightly amusing when I drove around to the other side of the bar and saw the cop I’d been talking to, I waved as I drove by and left, dying to come home and write this!

So I’ve been literally shaking for the last 45 minutes, almost hour now and am kind of proud of myself for doing the right thing!  I’ve always thought about saying that to people when I knew they shouldn’t be driving, I’ve just never had the courage.  I’ve always worried about the backlash from saying it, let alone if I ever really had to do it.  I wasn’t so worried tonight, I don’t know why, maybe I really thought he’d get in my car, maybe I’ve just broken out of one of my shells.  Either way, I am glad I stood my ground, even if Scott hates me for it.  John and I know what hell a DUI can put people in, he had one 2 years ago and it was his second.  It’s not a fun thing and Scott wouldn’t have the support system John and I did to deal with it. 

Now that I have done the right thing, it is making me think at a pretty rapid pace.  It is weird how sometimes there is such a high price for doing what is right.  Like right now Scott is furious with me, which I half expected, which makes what I did even more unbelievable, but I am hoping that once he calms down and sobers up that he will understand why I did it.  Not just for his safety but all the people he could have hurt in the process.  It really sucks how people get mad at you for doing what is right, when it doesn’t benefit them.  What I am glad about though is that I did have John’s support in calling, I don’t know what I would have done if he had tried talking me out of it, but he didn’t.  Now the one thing I don’t want is to be thought of as a tattle-tale.  That is not why I called, I was genuinely concerned about the impact Scott’s driving could have on any number of people, I was really glad that John didn’t get into his car with him.  This doesn’t mean that every time I am with friends and they have had a drink or two that I will call the cops on them, but I do hope they realize that if I say I am going to, I will.

I hope this ramble wasn’t too outrageous, I just had an inspiration to type and took it.  One thing I have learned is that from now on, doing the right thing will be easier adn I won’t be so concerned on the after effects, they will be what they will.  I do know that this experience tonight has made me stronger, even if only a little bit!

Tonight I have read some interesting posts in the blogging world.  Some made me think, some made me happy, some made me intrigued.  All in all it was an interesting journey I took tonight.  It’s been an interesting journey that I have been on for the last few years and I can only see it getting more so. 

Last night I was out with some friends at a local bar doing one of my most favorite things to do; Line Dance!!  I haven’t been able to go out, or dance in almost two months so I was really looking forward to it!  I had been officially cleared to resume normal activities by my doctor after the whole foot thing so I was in rare form and chomping at the bit to dance.  I believe I was so looking forward to it, that I may have been too full of myself.  I managed to accomplish something that I have never done before while line dancing; I fell!  Yep, I was looking at the ceiling from the floor!  I was doing a dance I have probably done a hundred times and decided to add what I call flair to it and tripped over my own feet!  I don’t mind telling you that I felt like a total and complete moron.  I have fallen during a really fast couples dance when goofing off, but NEVER during a line dance.  Boy was I knocked off my high horse in an instant and realized suddenly realized that it only took about two seconds for me to go from feeling pretty good to having some pretty heavily damaged pride on my hands.  I am fine, except for the sore back and arm, but such is life.

Fortunately my pride will recover without too much detrimental damage.  It did however make me stop and think about some things going on in my life.  I thought about a poem by Robert Frost today, The Road Not Taken to be precise.  I have often wondered myself which path to take, which one was right, which was wrong.  Is there every really a right or wrong path?  Of course I am scared to take the wrong path, however I am also scared to take the right path sometimes too.  I wish I had a crystal ball to give me some insight on how things would be should I choose to do something a certain way. 

I am planning on doing a bike-a-thon in August and right now I am gung-ho on getting started training for it.  I wish I could look into the future and see if what I am planning on doing is going to actually work this time.  We can’t always get what we want, but I’d like to know if my will power and determination are going to keep up with me this time or if I will yet again change my mind or put this new goal to the wayside to be forgotten about.  Right now there are a few other things I’d like some answers on, but I don’t even know how to begin to ask the questions that need answers.  I need to spend some time searching my soul and see what I come up with, then maybe I can answer those questions and get myself on the path I need to be on, whether it is right or wrong.  Of course the questions I need to ask, scare me to death and I need to work on the courage to really ask them in order to get answers.  I am at a point in my life that I think I am ready for and on the brink of a major change in my life; I just don’t yet know what it is; if that makes any sense at all.

I don’t know if everyone knows this or not, but did you know that if you need to be inspired, you usually don’t have to go looking very far??  I have yet again learned this one the hard way.  I was thinking that I needed to post another entry on here but had no ideas on what to do it on.  After a few visits to some blogs that have proven in the past to be pretty inspirational I was ready to write in no time.  Although it is proving to be somewhat difficult due to the sore arm and wrist from the aforementioned fall, I am pressing on because I have felt the need to finish this one.  I know that in the coming months, this will probably be a kind of mental release for me as I search for my path that destiny or fate has laid out for me.  This could be the most difficult journey I’ve ever had to face, and I’ve already had a doozy, but I think I am really ready to explore my options.  I now know that I will need to do some serious soul searching to find these answers but I believe I am finally ready to embrace them and get to the bottom of my conundrum.  I only pray that I have the support I need when the time comes to act on the findings.

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