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They were standing at the top of the building, where the guide had said many people had felt a presence and felt like they should run towards the edge and jump. She assured them nothing would happen, she wouldn’t even get close to the edge. Derrick was in place to stop her. She stood about 50 feet back from the edge and started to meditate and open herself to the spirits.

Suddenly her eyes popped open and she started running for the edge, No one really expected this to happen as they thought the claim was just a rumor. As she got closer to Derrick’s spot to stop her, he started to stop her but felt like he hit a wall and couldn’t move! Something was stopping him and she was getting closer to the edge than anyone wanted her to, but they were all stuck, no one could do anything. As a last ditch effort Derrick lunged with full force and managed to tackle her about a foot from the edge!

Everyone else rushed over to see if they were okay. “Derrick, Jenna are you guys ok?” Said Dave.

“I am, I think, but I’m not so sure about Jenna.” Derrick replied. Jenna hadn’t gotten up yet or even moved. Derrick and Dave both reached to shake her and she didn’t move. They rolled her over and her face and arm and both hands were bloody from sliding on gravel when they landed. Jenna wasn’t breathing!

Dave exclaimed, “I have a pulse but she’s not breathing!”

“What do we do Dave?” Derrick asked panicked.

Instinctively Dave started giving Jenna mouth to mouth resuscitation, while Donna and Mike called 911. Derrick sat next to her holding her hand and urging her to breathe and wake up! It seemed like forever and Dave was about to give up, her pulse was getting very low and really hard to find, he gave it one last try and thankfully, she started coughing and breathing again. All of a sudden she bolted upright and screamed. She startled both guys and the others around who were keeping their distance. She turned and saw Derrick and reached for him and they sat there hugging for what seemed like hours until the paramedics got there. He picked her up to put her on the stretcher and she saw blood on his shirt.

“Oh My God Derrick, you’re bleeding!” Jenna said as she passed out. She had seen the blood from her face on his shirt, but Derrick was bleeding on one of his arms. One of the paramedics took care of him during the ride to the hospital in the ambulance. Along the way Jenna was in and out of consciousness and not making much sense when she did speak. The paramedic assured Derrick that she would be fine. Derrick wasn’t so sure.


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