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Holy Slacker Batman! I just realized that it has been over 9 months since my last post on here! I apologize for being such a slacker, I guess I’ve been a bit busy and uninspired to write. Not that I didn’t have plenty to write about, I believe I did, I just didn’t make the time to do it. I am going to try to get better at it and post a little more frequently!

Things have been crazy for me for the last year, to say the least. At the end of May last year I was laid off from the job I absolutely loved at Northfield Block. I was crushed, even though I wasn’t fired, it still sucked and thought about how I could have done lots of things different but realized that it was the economy’s fault and there was nothing I could do about it. I spent 6 months unemployed! Of course the day after I signed on to do another show at the same time as 3 others I was working on, I got a job. That has been an experience to say the least, whether it is a good one or bad, I haven’t yet decided, I’ll say this, I’m still there…

I have been working on some sort of theater related show since November of 2008! Starting with Up the Down Staircase all the way to closing The Philadelphia Story this past weekend, I haven’t had more than one week off between shows, if I had that. Luckily, my brain got a hold of me and said, “No, you are not going to work on the MHS Alumni show! You need a BREAK!” so I am only doing Summer workshop which is only one night a week! Hopefully it will get me rested up for next season, which should be spectacular!

Right now I am concentrating on doing my job as Membership/Hospitality Director as I am up for re-election this September and am pretty sure I”m not ready to hang up my gloves just yet!  So I will try my hardest to post on here a bit more frequently and hopefully some amazing posts are coming your way!


Well it has been a very busy week and boy am I glad it’s over!  Not that I didn’t enjoy myself immensely, but good things must come to an end.  I have just completed work on the Kirk Players production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Jesse Braham White.  I played the Peddlar Woman and it was so much fun!

The Kirk Players are a community theater group that put on 4 shows a year, one being a children’s show.  They have been putting on shows for 42 years now and have no desire to stop anytime soon!  The shows we do are always wonderful!  I wouldn’t give up working on these shows for anything.

This weekend was nothing short of spectacular!  The fairy tale was not the typical version most people know by Walt Disney.  This tale was based on the Brother’s Grimm story and was slightly different.  The story centered on Snow White and her step-mother Queen Brangomar, rather than the Seven Dwarfs.  The conflict in the story was truly about good versus evil.  This version had not only a queen but a witch as well, which is different from the movie in which the queen was the witch. 

Production week started 8 days ago when we moved into the theater and began building the set, it seems like it was only yesterday when I was being asked to play the part of the peddlar woman.  This was actually not a different part in the show, but rather was who the Queen was supposed to turn in to and kill Snow White.  However a 2 second costume change would be rather difficult and so an extra part was added!  Who doesn’t like playing a cackling evil queen in disguise?  I knew it was going to be fun and it was a blast!

Alas, the show is over, the set has been taken down, the parties are over and it’s back to a normal schedule again.  No having to be at rehearsal every night, no more painted black fingernails, no more of that nasty white hairspray in my hair, that took 3 washes to get out and no more icky make-up to make me look old!  Would I do it again?  Of course, that’s what I love about theater!  I love taking on a new character and making it my own. 

Now if only everyone knew about the forbidden things to do backstage to avoid cursing the show!!!

Music has always had an influence on me.  Whether it was a good or bad influence, it has always been there.  What you may notice as time goes on is that I will probably blog about a lyric to a song rather than other quotes.  To me I am easily inspired, again whether it is good or bad, by a song.  To me, music can make or break a mood. 

I have a friend who once said that music was just words and that they shouldn’t have the power to affect your mood.  I beg to differ.  Music can make you happy, sad, relaxed, tense, silly or even brave.  Music has the power to inspire you to do things you wouldn’t normally do, it can relax you after a hard day at work.  I know for a fact that this friend has been affected by music, although he won’t admit it.

I can tell you that depending on the mood I am in, certain song can bring me to tears when heard.  The tears may be for a good reason or a sad reason, it doesn’t matter.  A good song can help you through something that may be tough to deal with.  There have been plenty of times when songs have adversely affected me and times when they have pulled me out of the depths of a downward spiral of emotion.

Music is an important part of our lives that we don’t even realize it.  How many brides & grooms scour the internet looking for that perfect song for their first dance at their wedding.  How many times do scary movies move us to the edge of our seats just because of the music we hear.  With my background in theater, I know it’s an important key to putting on a successful show. 

Music has always been a big part of my life.  I listen to all types of music and have been told my collection of downloads is quite eclectic!  I could probably blog about almost every song I have on my computer and so many more; in fact I may do so about many of them.  To me music is a very important aspect of our lives.  I find myself really scrutinizing songs some days because I need some inspiration.  A lot of times we take actually listening to the message of a song for granted because we like the beat or it helps us relax, whatever the reason may be. 

I feel that if you have never been moved by a song, then you are truly not listening to it.

Please feel free to comment on posts & Come back and visit often!

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